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Purchasing a car during the PANDEMIC!!!


June 29, 2020.

I know you guys are like what the heck!! You bought a car during the pandemic what a time to be saving money Keke... Right, I know... But unfortunately, I've been having car problems way before the pandemic even started. I had a Honda Accord 2006 that was my baby and also my first car, but it ran it's course with me and just started giving me consistent problems. My car would start smoking underneath the hood, also oil leaks, my cap kept falling off, My engine light stayed on for my 02 sensors and my car wouldn't pass an inspection because I had a crack across my windshield. OMG. I had put so much money in the car I started giving up because although it was a cash car and it was older and had a lot of miles on it. The amount of work I was paying to get it fixed was NOT enough. I've been to 5 different mechanics within 2019 and the beginning of 2020. So the last time I paid a mechanic in April 2020 to fix my transmission leak and oil leak it leaked a few days later. Every time I left my grandparent's house or my boyfriend's house they would tell me my car is leaving leak marks in the driveway. "And I would say again seriously". Smh... It was so frustrating and we ALL know maintenance on cars is NOT cheap!

I said you know what time to start looking for a new car with none of these problems so by the end of June I was rolling in my new vehicle a "Nissan Versa Sv 2020" I was so happy because I've come a long way with all the stress and no one wanting to co-sign for me to get a new car or even approve me. After all, at the time I didn't have any credit really so, my district manager referred me to her cousin who worked at the Nissan Dealership and got me approved with the down payment I put down... $3,500 was my down payment and me trading in my Honda for $500... I was a little sad to let my Honda go because it took me to A-Z with all the problems it gave me but it was still a good car and looked good on the outside still. I was very humble and stayed patient and saved the money I did have and continued to work and got me a new one. So yes it's very possible to get a new car and especially during the pandemic. I didn't want to but I had to after a certain point. Cranberry has been great to me, with no problems whatsoever. I have a warranty so anything goes wrong, guess what?!! Right back to Nissan Dealership, we go lol!!! I'm so thankful and proud of myself... Xoxoxoxo


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