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Only A Week Into The Pandemic.

Jacob L. Loose Park, Kansas City, Missouri

March 26, 2020.

Who would have thought in my lifetime I would witness a pandemic that shutdown the whole world. Only three months into 2020 and your up against the odds of trying to survive and figure out life expenses.

With Covid-19 going on and trying to still maintain a balance of happiness is hard sometimes. But it felt great to enjoy the outdoors for a little bit although the pandemic was just beginning. Me and my cousins decided to meet up at the park and take some pictures. On my spare time I like to take pictures of flowers and other cool things of nature. For some reason out all the trees at the park this one caught my eye. It stood out very nice and being that it was a gloomy day it made it bright! Well surprisingly I did some research and found out this tree is called a Magnolia Stellata, or sometimes called Star Magnolia. Which is native in Japan. I thought that was very cool that we have a tree plant right here in the U.S..


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