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Fall Blossom.

Overland Park, Kansas

October 17, 2019.

As I was leaving out the mall, I saw an Orange Marigold and Yellow Marigold plant and it really caught my eye. It was very pigmented and full of life!! I had to stop and really study it. And the season was Fall so I thought hey why not take a picture of this beautiful life sitting here. I love how the burnt orange was giving me that two toned from the inside. The leaves really were that dark green I was amazed. I did some studying and I came across that Marigold originally is from Mexico, and is now planted across the United States. But a particular species of the flower called Calendula has some great benefits. It's an anti-inflammatory, and healing herbal ointment. It’s good for the eyes, and skin. Many cures that’s been around for thousands of years. The calendula is so special that the antioxidant's in it make up the flower bright colors, and repel from certain fungal!!!!


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