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I met a celebrity!

Dallas, Texas

October 21, 2018.

Funny story how I met actor Columbus Short!

The day before my birthday me and my cousins, uncle, and friend of the family were leaving Eastwood's which was a brunch spot in Uptown Dallas, Texas that's now closed. My cousin Dominique wanted to take a picture first so I took her photo and this man walked passed and photobombed her lol... We laughed about it and he kept walking. We didn't think nothing of it. So after we were done taking pictures we all started walking because we were headed to a day party called Level. In the midst of us all walking there was a black car that stopped in our way. And raised the window down our friend "Nette said you look like Columbus Short and he laughed and he said I get that a lot. His lady driver laughed also and she shook her head and said it's him. We couldn't believe it. He got out the car laughing, he hugged us all. We took videos, group photos and individual photos with him it was amazing!!!! He asked where we were from and of course you guys know by now "Kansas City, Mo". and surprisingly he's also from the same city as we were. It was the coolest experience and the highlight of the day. Xoxoxo


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