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Summer Outing.

Starlight Theater, Kansas City, Missouri

August 6, 2019.

You can never go wrong with a white button-down shirt! I must admit that day was so last minute for everything. I was given a ticket to see Mary J. Blige and Nas at Starlight Theater in Kcmo. It was very hot that day and I had nothing to wear. I knew I wanted to keep it light and not overwhelming with whatever I decided to wear. Luckily, I found that white button down at H&M on sale for $10 I also purchased the shorts from H&M. The boots I already had which is from Forever21. The crossover bag came from Target. Originally the fishnets stockings didn’t have the big holes to begin with. I accidently tore a hole on one leg trying to put them on and decided to make it a look instead, what the heck!!!


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