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Giving You A Vibe.

July 16, 2019.

It was my cousin birthday dinner and I was going for a keep it chill look but let’s wear a heel too. Lol. And since the birthday dinner was downtown, I didn’t want to overdo the type of shoe because it’s A LOT of walking.

This look really was a vibe and I loved how I pieced everything together! I was serving 90s looks. I kept the colors neutral while still having blue the main attraction. I matched one of my Steve Madden purses with it just to give it that pop. I bought the jeans from Kindred inside one of my local malls at home and the crop top shirt came from H&M. Although those jeans were a little baggy it was a perfect fit and not snug around the waist. There really long without a heel. I’ve worn these jeans maybe 3 times now and only wore them once with heels. The other two times were with a pair of tennis shoes and the other was with a flat pair of open toe sandals. You can do a lot with them kind of jeans if you have a pair that’s similar.


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