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Lunch Time!


Location: Jose Pepper's, Belton, Missouri

June 5, 2019.

Chips and Dip??!!! One of my go to appetizers before I order my meal. If your familiar with” Rotel” then basically Chile Con Queso is the same. It’s a blend of cheese, with tomatoes, onions, and roasted red and green chiles. With your choice of ground beef or not. Served with corn tortilla chips. And a little guacamole and cheese and cilantro on top. And to be honest I end up taking my dinner home because I get full. It’s shareable and cheesy and full of great toppings.

Although this is a Mexican restaurant. Very odd to order a chicken breast meal huh? Well it was new on the menu at the time and I wanted to step out my comfort zone. And I'm happy I did. The chicken breast was juicy and grilled to perfection it was topped with tortilla chips and a creamy jalapeño sauce with red onion. With a side of guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and cilantro rice. And I substituted out beans for Mexican rice. I would get it again everything was seasoning not spicy but just right to taste the ingredients.


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