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Let's Brunch!

Location: Nova Restaurant, Dallas, Texas

August 18, 2019

If your ever in Dallas I highly recommend Nova as a great brunch place. Very laid back, live music and friendly! I ordered an appetizer first. Smoked Salmon Potato Skin: It had a horseradish crème fraiche inside with, bacon and scallions on top. This was so damn good after I finished, I wanted to order another one lol. But I knew I had the chicken and waffle on the way.

I’ve never had salmon chopped up in a potato skin it was something new for me, but memorable! Chicken and Waffles: Its prepared with a leg and thigh on top of the waffle, and then drizzled with apple cinnamon gravy. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about it being a goat cheese waffle but I’m not sure if that’s what they called it or that’s one of the ingredients, either way it was great!! Although in the picture you can see the apple cinnamon is drizzled on top, I asked could they put it on the side for me, and I’ll pour it as I like. The gravy was wonderful not to sweet just right it was a little thick but not thick to where it’s not enjoyable. I had a little bit of butter on the waffle. And that completed the whole entrée I was full for a good while not to mention I had a mimosa. You can only imagine good food and a nice drink; it will have you on your back for a while lol!!!


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