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Classy Meal...

Location: Summit Grill, Kansas City, Missouri

June 7, 2019

Shrimp is shrimp at the end of the day, but what makes the shrimp is the type of sauce of you have to eat it with!! Of the course the appetizer was the Togarashi Fried Shrimp, served with sriracha-lime aioli and sweet Thai chili sauce.

For the entree I chose the Grilled Faroe Island Atlantic Salmon, covered with lemon butter with jasmine rice with a side of vegetable medley.. I absolutely loved this meal it's very clean and healthy. The Togarashi shrimp was delicious the sauce was great if you like sweet & spicy then this is your appetizer. I ate each sauce individually with the shrimp and then I mixed together. Wonderful! Salmon is still growing on me honestly but it wasn't bad at all the lemon butter wasn't powerful at all very light. And of course the vegetables were great I love vegetables especially when red onion is included lol! The Jasmine rice was my first time having it, in my opinion it taste just like regular white rice it was a little sweet to me but not a big difference. I'll definitely try it again!


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