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All Aboard for Seafood.

Location: Shell Shack, Arlington, Texas

May 22, 2020.

Okay so time to confess every time I'm in Dallas me and my cousins HAVE to go to Shell Shack. It has became a ritual for us literally lol..You know how you make eye contact with someone or you can tell when someone's mad, well in this case all one of my cousins have to say is "I want some crab legs" Shell Shack?? YES!!! (Gets in car and go). Lol...

Usually, I go for the crab legs, and crawfish and shrimp boil and I get to choose my flavor and spice level.. But I switched it up this time. I believe I ordered the Catfish Plate: Served with two fried catfish and French fries. With hushpuppies and fried shrimp. I wasn’t expecting to get all of that but it was worth the price. I also was able to choose two sauces which was ranch and cocktail sauce. All their sauces are homemade and I’ll be honest once I started eating my food and dipped into the ranch which was actually tartar sauce, I was NOT disappointed because it was bomb!!!! I didn’t even worry about telling the waiter I was given tartar sauce. I ate every crumb. The best seafood place hands down!!!


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