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A Whole Lot of Flavor!!!!

Location: Outback Steakhouse, Independence, Missouri.

May 25, 2019

Let’s just say I ate good like I was supposed to! If you ask me how I want my steak of course MEDIUM WELL PLEASE... I had a filet mignon topped with a garlic tomato sauce with grilled shrimp. And a loaded mash potato with bacon, cheese, green onion and butter and sour cream. You can’t beat that with a lobster just to spice it up. I was so full when I got up from the table all I could do was take a deep breath. You know it was some good food when you don’t take a to go box with you. My steak was juicy with a little pink just how I like it. Did I mention the garlic tomato sauce??!. Excellent, very flavorful it brought out the steak and shrimp. the garlic was not over powering at all you could taste every season in every bite... My loaded mashed potato was cooked right with every bite of toppings. And my lobster was just right not tough or chewy easy to come off the shell. I could still taste the butter!


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