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Super Bowl Champs!

Wesport, Kansas City, Misoouri

February 2, 2020.

One thing about my hometown, we are die-hard fans and we're going to ride until the wheels fall off!!!!! On February 2, 2020, The Kansas City, Chiefs won the SUPER BOWL. It was ecstatic. Words couldn't even express the gratitude everyone in my city was going through. That was the biggest day in history for us!

We haven't won a Super Bowl since 1970. We deserved every bit of it. Earlier that Sunday I went to my uncle's house he had a watch party and all my family was there. Most bars around the city were swarmed with people. Power & Light which is very popular in the downtown area were overcapacitied with people at bars and restaurants. The whole town was out celebrating the big day. Although the game was getting very intense the last quarter we still came out on top!!!! Everyone at my uncle's house was jumping up and down, and screaming taking shots it was so much joy around the room. It was a vibe. I called my cousin and told her I was coming over to get her. We went to the Wesport which is another strip to walk in our city that has bars/clubs. And eventually, the rest of my cousins showed up and we just hung out and celebrated like everyone else.


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